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18th Apr 2023

This group will not receive the €200 cost-of-living bonus

Clodagh McKeon

Who is eligible for the payment?

The €200 cost-of-living bonus, which was announced in February as part of the spring cost-of-living package, is expected to hit bank accounts by Monday, April 24.

However, one group will not receive the bonus.

If you have been receiving social welfare payments for less than 12 months, you will not receive the €200 cash boost.

The €200 payment will be given to those who are on social welfare support as well as illness benefit for longer than 1 year.

Even if you receive more than one category of social welfare payment you will only get one €200 bonus payment.

If you received the Christmas bonus or are in receipt of the Working Family Payment, you are eligible for this lump sum.

People on Back to Education Allowance and Back to Work Enterprise Allowance are also eligible.

Those coming from Jobseeker’s payments need to be getting the allowance for at least 12 months or 312 days. You may be able to use time on a Jobseeker’s payment to help qualify.

If you are in receipt of Carer’s Allowance and Carer’s Benefit you are eligible for the lump sum. This includes people on the half-rate Carer’s Allowance.

People on the Deserted Wife’s Allowance and Benefit will also qualify for the cost-of-living bonus.

You will receive the cash boost if you are receiving the Daily Expenses Allowance, formerly called Direct Provision Allowance for 12 months.

Those on Disability Allowance, Guardian’s Payment contributory and non-contributory, and One-Parent Family Payment are also eligible for the €2o0 bonus.

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