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04th May 2023

Ed Sheeran speaks out about wife Cherry’s devastating cancer diagnosis

Ed Sheeran’s wife Cherry was diagnosed with a tumour when she was pregnant.

Ed Sheeran has spoken out about his wife’s devastating cancer diagnosis that shattered his world. The Thinking Out Loud singer said he is still coming to terms with his wife Cherry Seaborn’s diagnosis.

Cherry was diagnosed with a tumour when she was six months pregnant, but doctors couldn’t operate until after she gave birth.

The mum-of-two had the tumour removed but the singer said he will never get over what happened.

Ed Sheeran

“I don’t think I’ll ever get to February again and be like “this is a great month,” that was a horrible, horrible, horrible month.”

He continued, “Life hasn’t moved on for me yet and I don’t think it will, I think it’s going to be a ….” he said before welling up.

Sheeran said February 2022 was one of the toughest years of his life.

He spoke out about the ordeal in his docu-series ‘The Sum Of It All’ on Disney+.

The Shape of You singer said he felt like he was drowning after Cherry’s diagnosis. He said there is nothing worse than seeing the person you love in danger.

“The moment you find the worst thing has happened to someone you truly love, you feel like you’re drowning and can’t get out from under it. Just from that situation, all these songs came out.”

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