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25th Jan 2023

Mum wants her eldest child to be there when she gives birth


She is concerned it will be “too much.”

But at the same time, this mum explains that this is the last time she will give birth, and so the last chance her eldest has to see a baby being delivered.

It’s a controversial topic.

The mother took to Mumsnet, asking for advice of other parents about whether or not to allow her 8-year-old to be in the room with her while she is giving birth.

She explained:

“I’m pregnant and my eldest DC has expressed that she would like to be there for the delivery. All my previous deliveries have been straightforward, and I have coped well with the pain.

“This time I’m planning a home birth, and the midwives are not opposed to her being there. They have said it is up to us. This is definitely our last baby too, so her last chance to see a sibling being born.

“I’m not sure if the idea is entirely crazy, or a wonderful thing to do. Aibu to let her see the birth? As it is a home birth she can go to her room and read if she finds it too much.”

There were a lot of mixed reactions to the question, with one mum saying:

“Sorry but I think this is a bad idea. How well do you honestly think an 8-year-old would cope seeing her mother like that?”

While another said:

“I actually wouldn’t have a problem with it if she wants to and there’s a dedicated adult on hand to talk to her and take her out if if gets a bit too much.”