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19th Sep 2023

Jack Whitehall and Roxy Horner pick traditional girl’s name for their daughter

Kat O'Connor

Jack Whitehall and Roxy opted for a traditional name.

Jack Whitehall and Roxy Warner have finally revealed the name of their baby girl.

The couple announced their daughter’s birth on Instagram at the beginning of this month, but have kept her name under wraps until now.

Jack and Roxy opted for a traditional name for their little girl and decided to call her Elsie.

Their newborn’s name was revealed two weeks after her birth.

An insider revealed her sweet moniker to The Sun UK.

They shared, “Elsie is a gorgeous baby and Jack and Roxy have picked a gorgeous name to fit. Everyone is thrilled.”

Jack announced the arrival of his daughter on Instagram by sharing a photo from the maternity hospital.

“Well, this just happened! Utterly overwhelming and joyous in ways I couldn’t have even imagined,” the new dad wrote.

He also took the time to praise Roxy.

“In awe of my partner Roxy who has been amazing throughout this journey and is going to be the greatest mum ever. So excited to have started a family of my own.

“Having vowed I’d never be that guy I am now 100% going to be the parent that shows everyone endless pictures of their kid.”

He joked about their daughter’s name before revealing it, “Name wise after this weekend I think ‘rice, rice, baby’ has a nice ring to it.”

Baby Elsie is Jack and Roxy’s first child together.