'My best friend called my two-year-old a spoiled brat- is he really that bad?' 1 week ago

'My best friend called my two-year-old a spoiled brat- is he really that bad?'

How would you feel if your friend said this about your toddler?

Our friend's children are not always going to act like angels. They're kids, they're going to misbehave, it's part of who they are, but one mum was left reeling after her best friend called her son a pretty nasty name.

She explained that her son was acting out, crying, screaming, and making demands, but he is a good kid.

Kids have tantrums and misbehave, but that's perfectly fine.

However, her friend didn't think so.

During a recent outing, the friend said her son, who is only a toddler, was acting like a "spoiled brat".

Writing on Reddit, she said: "She's been spending a lot of time with my two-year-old.

She sees how he drops and screams when he doesn't get what he wants, cries a lot.

"Today she said he's a "spoiled brat" and I explained to her that he's just two and is trying to regulate his emotions.

"I asked her not to call my kid a brat or any other names as I don't want it to destroy his self-esteem," she explained.

The mum stressed that his daycare teachers often praise him and reassure her that he is actually the most-behaved child in his class.

The mum knows her son isn't a bad kid so hearing a close friend call him something so harsh was extremely tough for her.

Her friend said sorry, but then slated her for getting mad about "stupid things".

She also ignored her friend after the incident which has left the mum feeling conflicted about her emotions.

"It just makes me sad to see someone calling my baby a "spoiled brat" because he's crying. He's a toddler!! Toddlers do that."

Many parents agreed that she was wrong for calling her son such a nasty name, especially when he's such a young child.

Was she wrong for getting upset or would you have felt the same in a similar situation?

Let us know in the comments.