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31st May 2024

‘It’s always right’ – Katherine Ryan admits to taking children out of school for holidays

Kat O'Connor

Do you agree with Katherine Ryan?

Katherine Ryan has sparked quite a heated discussion about taking your children out of school for holidays.

It’s a heated topic but an important one for parents to discuss.

All families have differing views on the topic, but the famous comedian believes there’s no harm in taking your children out of school for a trip.

She stressed that it is the right thing to do for families.

She opened up about the topic on Olivia Attwood’s podcast, So Wrong It’s Right.

Katherine admitted that she has often taken her kids out of education so they can travel.

“I think it’s always right to take your children out of institutionalised education.

“I think if you can, you should just not even have them in the first place, because it is so much more enriching to be with your family and to see something and to go somewhere and to be part of that tribe.”

The mum then joked, “The mum then joked, “I’m gonna start a charity foundation to pay fines for people who took their kids out of school.

“I’ll like run marathons and stuff and people are like ‘what’s the charity?'” she quipped.

Do you think it’s wrong to take the kids out of school for holidays?