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11th Jun 2024

Louise Cooney opens up about her life postpartum

Niamh Ryan

Louise Cooney has opened up about the drastic changes in her life since becoming a mother

Blogger and social media influencer Louise Cooney spoke to VIP on her life so far as a first-time mum.

“My whole world has changed, it’s all about him now! I feel like I’ve changed so much too,” she said.

Source: @louisecooney_ on Instagram

Cooney said that everything else has “taken a back seat” since the birth of her son, Jude.

She admitted that there are certain self care aspects of her life that she hasn’t had the time for, but that she’s okay with making small sacrifices.

“I know it’s all for him and my time will come again,” she mused.

Learning to multitask

According to the social media star, the most noticeable change in her life is having to juggle lots of things at once.

Cooney says she’s had to take a step back from her athleisure wear company Cloo, as looking after baby Jude and running her blog are both full-time jobs.

While she didn’t get a formal maternity leave, she managed to ease herself back into work and “only took on jobs I knew I’d be able to do”.

Relationship dynamics

Cooney and her partner, Mark Sweeney, have been navigating all of the changes together since welcoming their baby boy in November 2023.

The blogger said that while they don’t have the same free time anymore, this new stage is worth it.

“We’ve booked a few things in and we have a wedding coming up which will be our first night away from him,” she said.

“Watching him as a dad, it’s amazing, he was born for this role! He’s just the best with him.”

Social media

As an influencer, Cooney said she is aware of the social pressure to post every detail of her life online.

However, she said she aims to give her son privacy, and never posts without thinking about it beforehand.

“I’ll always take videos, save them and then share them later on. If I ever feel like it’s too much then I just won’t do it.”

Source: @louisecooney_ on Instagram

The first-time mum said she’s grown an amazing online community of other new mothers and parents, and that’s it’s a great place to share tips and talk about how everyone is feeling emotionally.

“For whatever stage you’re at, there’s something! For example when I was breastfeeding there was lactation consultants who I’d follow and save their tips, now with weaning, there’s another page for that.”

Cooney said that all the knowledge parents have comes with time, and that she’s “still getting to know” her baby.

“I’m five months in and I’ve nearly adjusted, so the things I found difficult at the start, I’m not finding as hard anymore.”

She said that as time progresses and things change again, she will adjust again.