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13th Jun 2024

Paris Hilton highlights the importance of water safety after fans point out common armband mistake

Niamh Ryan

The family were on holidays in Hawaii when she received advice from her fans

Media personality, Paris Hilton shared videos to TikTok of her son Phoenix in a puddle jumper, a swim jacket used for floating.

Fans were quick to comment that the armbands appeared to be on backwards.

However, Hilton was grateful for their advice and wrote back:

“Oops! Thank you! I never let him out of my arms. Thought it was on backwards too, I said that to the person who I bought it from and they said it was on right.”

Floating devices and arm bands have long been disputed in the parenting community.

According to Swim Teach, children may become dependent on arm bands and may find it hard to progress their swimming.

Children may also find it hard to move in them.

“The nature of how they are fitted on the arms, means armbands can be restrictive and may hinder arm movement, especially in smaller children.”

Arm bands are also prone to bursting or leaking air, which causes quite a safety hazard.

Overall, experts say that the floating devices shouldn’t be used while kids are actively learning to swim.

They should ideally be used for floating only, and in the presence of an adult.

As her children are both under two, using the puddle jumpers is still ideal while they gain confidence in the water.

Paris Hilton welcomed both her children via surrogate in 2023.