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04th Feb 2022

Viewers are very confused over Ireland’s most popular Netflix show

Katy Brennan

It’s a parody, people.

Not only does Netflix’s The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window have a ridiculously long and confusing title, it’s also leaving viewers a bit puzzled.

The drama follows Anna, Kristen Bell, a woman who spends a lot of time home alone and has developed a bit of a drinking problem.

One day, she witnesses a murder through her neighbour’s window and becomes hellbent on getting to the bottom of it.

It’s only been a few days since the series premiered but it’s already made its way to the number one spot in Ireland. And it’s receiving mixed reviews, to say the least.

It seems like some of the reactions to the show are down to a fact some viewers have missed or maybe forgotten – it’s all a parody.

The overly-clichéd characters, the cringeworthy storylines, the god-awful acting – it’s supposed to be that way.

In recent years, a particular sub-genre in the world of psychological thrillers has blown up on Netflix, and is often referred to as domestic suspense. The Woman… aims to poke fun at its ridiculousness.

Think Stay Close, Behind Her Eyes, The Woman in the Window – pretty much anything with an isolated middle-class female protagonist, who sips wine and obsesses over the lives of those around her, then somehow gets entangled in a whole bunch of dramatic situations. Yes, there are a lot of them.

Many fans of the show have taken to social media to defend it from those calling it “awful” and “confusing”.

“The woman in the house across the street from the girl in the window on Netflix is a masterpiece in trolling. Took me a couple episodes to realize it was a spoof but there are some out there who’ve taken it completely serious. Incredible,” one person wrote.

“It is blowing my f***ing mind that the Twitter responses to the trailers for The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window are filled to the brim with people who simply do not remotely understand it’s intended to be parody,” another said.

The Woman Across the Street from The Girl in the Window is available to stream on Netflix now.