Kristen Bell says parenting is like a sport: "you're either winning or losing" 1 year ago

Kristen Bell says parenting is like a sport: "you're either winning or losing"

The actress says her youngest daughter "gets away with everything."

Kristen Bell has compared parenting to the win-lose element of sports.

In an E! News preview for an upcoming episode of Momsplaining With Kristen Bell, the 41-year-old Frozen star talks about moments where she and husband Dax Shepard have been outwitted by their daughters, Lincoln, 8, and Delta, 6.

"Parenting is a lot like sports — you're either winning or losing every minute of the day," Kristen says in the clip. "Mostly losing, but that's what makes the winning so sweet, and fleeting.

"Being a parent is just weird, you know? And it helps to know you're not alone. I suggest talking to someone — even if no one is there."

She then tells the episode guests about a time when her youngest daughter chanced her arm while not wanting to put away a toy and get ready for bed.


"We have one that is pretty funny — she feels like the perfect hybrid between Chris Farley and Shirley Temple, and so she gets away with everything," Kristen says of Delta.

The Veronica Mars actress explains that after she tried to get Delta put away the toy, Dax took over and told the six-year-old she was only allowed 30 more seconds with it.

"Then he looks at her, and he goes, 'Don't make a fool out of me,'" Kristen shares. "And she looks at him — she goes, 'Daddy, I won't make a fool out of you. I'm gonna make you a star.'"

Momsplaining With Kristen Bell is an Emmy-nominated digital series hosted on Ellen DeGeneres' content platform Bubble every Wednesday.