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10th Dec 2017

Getting a Dublin Bus tomorrow? A warning has just been issued

A transport warning has also been issued for tomorrow

Olivia Hayes

It’s that time again.

While we love Christmas and all of the festive fun that goes along with it, it seems like we forget we have to buy presents for each other until the very last week.

And that’s why, as well as commuter traffic, transport services will also be carrying shoppers into the city centre from tomorrow morning.

Dublin Bus has issued a warning to ensure everyone gets to their destination on time:

And so, with every street, town and shopping centre getting packed with people, the transport service has also issued it’s Christmas Nitelink service times:

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Dublin Bus and Nitelink

Dublin Bus announced that with increasing passengers this month, it will be increasing its services on regular routes during peak shopping periods, as well as adding additional Nitelink services.

  • Friday, December 8 & Saturday, December 9 – All Nitelink routes will operate as per normal weekend service.
  • Thursday, December 14, Friday, December 15 & Saturday, December 16 – All Nitelink routes will operate as per normal weekend service.
  • Wednesday, December 20, Thursday, December 21, Friday, December 22 and Saturday, December 23 – All Nitelink routes will operate as per normal weekend service.
  • Sunday, December 24 to Thursday, December 28 – Nitelink Service will not operate.
  • Friday, December 29, Saturday, December 30 and Sunday, December 31 – All Nitelink routes will operate as per normal weekend service.

Dublin Bus is also warning people to take extra time getting to work/college tomorrow morning:


  • Christmas Eve, Sunday December 24 – Luas services end at 8pm.
  • Christmas Day, Monday December 25 – No Luas services.
  • St Stephen’s Day, Tuesday December 26 – Sunday schedule with services starting at 9am.
  • Wednesday, December 27 – Saturday schedule.
  • Thursday, December 28 – Saturday schedule.
  • Friday, December 29 – Saturday schedule.
  • Saturday, December 30 – Saturday schedule.
  • Sunday, December 31 – Sunday schedule with Night Luas services as above.
  • Bank Holiday Monday, January 1 – Sunday schedule.
  • Tuesday, January 2 – Regular weekday schedule resumes at 5.30am.

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Hopefully this will help you along the way!