Facebook banned this image of a woman delivering her own baby 4 years ago

Facebook banned this image of a woman delivering her own baby

Childbirth is one of the most natural and beautiful human experiences, but it seems Facebook takes a different view.

The social media giant has banned an image of a Taiwanese woman delivering her own baby, after deeming the picture to be pornographic.

The incredible photograph was taken by Dr Lin Tzu-hung of the Dianthus MFM Center in Taipei, who was moved to capture the moment when his patient reached down during labour to cradle her baby's head as the infant was born.

The photograph, which shows the magical moment the smiling woman touches her baby for the first time, was captioned: ‘This super brave mum just delivered her own baby. Beautiful.’

Dr Tzu-hung had the woman's full permission to post the image on his Facebook page, where it quickly went viral.

A short while later however, the doctor's joy turned to dismay when the photo was banned from the social media site for being 'pornographic'.


Commenting on the removal of the image, Dr Tzu-hung said he was disappointed: 'Facebook banned my heart-warming mum self-delivery photo as pornography. I'm very upset.'

Happily, the doctor decided to post the image again, this time on Instagram, where it remains today.

He added: ‘Let’s start following Instagram, then. ‘I was planning to move to Instagram anyway’.