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03rd Feb 2016

Father Of One Has Been Unveiled As The New Milk Tray Man

Sharyn Hayden

Over twenty thousand people, including women, entered a competition to be the newest Cadbury’s Milk Tray man, but dad-of-one Patrick McBride has today been announced as the newest iconic figure for the brand.

And we can ‘sort of’ see why. Not only is he a proud dad, not only does he have that really lovely Liverpool accent but, brace yourselves – he’s a firefighter too.


Swoon and double swoon.

Patrick was nominated for the competition by his wife Elaine and he clinched the final spot by donning his firefighting kit to the audition. Excellent move, we think!

The modest Patrick says of his new role;

“My wife’s so happy for me. She’s made up. I think it will sink in when the billboards are up and the ads are on TV. I think she’ll be pleased she’s married to the Milk Tray Man.”

Don’t mind us – we’re just off to get ourselves into some sort of distress so that we can *cough* call for a rescue.

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