First victim of freak bouncy castle accident identified 5 months ago

First victim of freak bouncy castle accident identified

The first victim of the horror bouncy castle accident in Tasmania has been named.

Police confirmed schoolboy Zane Gardem was killed in the tragic accident.

12-year-old Zane and his classmates were celebrating their last day of Grade 6 when the incident occurred.

According to reports, the bouncy castle was thrown 10m into the air by a strong gust of wind.

Four children were pronounced dead following the accident. Another child died in hospital on December 17th.

Friends of Zane's mum have launched a fundraiser following her son's harrowing death.

"We would like to help raise some funds to assist Georgie and her family in this hard time. They tragically lost her gorgeous boy Zane in today's incident at Hillcrest Primary in Devonport, Tasmania."


"Georgie is an amazing mum to her 3 boys, always putting their needs first.

They described Zane as a "gentle soul".

"Zane was such a beautiful caring, gentle soul who had challenges growing up with his autism and ADHD but that never set him back."

"He kept achieving and Georgie is the most amazing mum, she never gave up and was by his side every step of the way."

They said Georgie was always encouraging, loving and fighting for him.

His grief-stricken mum obviously won't be able to work as she grieves the loss of her young boy.

"Georgie won't be able to work for some period of time where she makes fabulous cakes, cupcakes, etc for a living.

"This has shaken so many people and the community and we want to do anything to help make things a little easier for her at this hard time," her friends shared.

The fundraiser has raised a total of $26,000 so far.