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30th Aug 2017

‘Footballer’s wife’: Gift shop removes ‘offensive’ children’s hat from sale

Another case of sexist kids' clothing?

Anna O'Rourke

We often hear stories of sexist children’s clothes, but what do we think of this?

Twitter user Laura Goss today shared this photo of what she called a stupid hat online and to be honest, we don’t think she’s far wrong

Emblazoned with the words ‘Future Footballers Wife’ (spot the grammatical error), Laura claims she saw the hat in a gift shop at Tatton Park, National Trust-run Tudor estate in the UK.

Other people online were fairly unhappy about what they deemed the sexist message on the hat.


The management at Tatton Park has since tweeted to confirm that the hat has been removed from sale.

Cheshire East Council, which runs the estate, said in a statement; “Our gift shop receives a bulk supply from our supplier, which includes a number of children’s hats.

“Unfortunately, we don’t know how this has exactly happened, but we have put the hats out on the shelf as part of that bulk supply without thinking whether they were appropriate for the shop and our visitors.”