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21st Jul 2022

Warning to parents after garden hose leaves baby badly burned

Kat O'Connor

Accidents like this can easily happen.

A toddler has been left burned after his family used a garden hose to cool him down during a heatwave.

We’ve all been trying to find ways to cool down as temperatures soar, but firefighters are urging parents to be cautious.

They stressed that so many injuries and accidents occur during the summer months because people are not being careful enough.

One family accidentally burned their toddler after using a garden hose to cool them down.

They did not realise that the water would be boiling hot because the hose had been left lying around in extreme heat.

The family had to bring the child to the hospital where they were treated for burns.

Las Vegas Fire and Rescue urged parents to be careful when using hoses to cool down.

“The water can get hot enough to cause burns to people, pets, and plants, especially if the hose has been exposed to direct sunlight.

“The hose acts as a water heater and gets the water extremely hot.”

“When using outside water with a garden hose, open the nozzle pointed away from people, pets, or plants.

“Occasionally touch the spray to see when it is cool enough to use safely, this may take a few minutes.

They warned, “Water at 120 degrees after 10 seconds could cause a serious burn to a child or pet.”

Feature: Las Vegas Fire and Rescue