Former RTE star issues health update after horrific car crash two weeks ago 2 months ago

Former RTE star issues health update after horrific car crash two weeks ago

"It feels like I'm at the start of a long journey"

Radio broadcaster and author, Gareth O’Callaghan, has given an update on his health for the first time since being in a serious car crash almost two weeks ago.

The Classic Hits FM presenter, his wife Paula and her daughter Emma were involved in a car crash in Cork just 12 days ago.

O'Callaghan has been recovering from a broken back, a ruptured lung and some other injuries in Cork University Hospital since.

Early this morning he posted a photo of himself in hospital and one of the destroyed SUV. The father-of-three was allowed to get out of his hospital bed for the first time today.

He said: "Paula sent me these pictures this evening. She was allowed access to our car this afternoon to collect any private belongings she could find in the wreckage.

"When I look at these photos, I am reminded that we were truly blessed to survive this awful crash. I will be forever grateful to all those first responders who helped us last Sunday week.

"Day 12, and I managed to sit out on a chair beside the bed for a few minutes today, thanks to the steel brace the physiotherapy team fitted me with.

"For the first 10 days I had to lie perfectly still, flat on my back. It feels like I'm at the start of a long journey."


Gareth's wife also thanked the public for their support..

She said: "Thank you all so much for the outpouring of love and support for Gareth, my daughter and I.

"The crash was horrific but we’re getting there. Gareth has a long road ahead but we’re in it together."

In 2018, the broadcaster announced his retirement from broadcasting following his diagnosis with the neurodegenerative illness, Multiple System Atrophy. He returned to the radio after a five-year gap and now he presents a show every weekend.

He took to social media on Paddy's Day to let the public know about the crash.

He said: "Thankfully, Paula and Emma who managed to get free from the wreckage are recovering at home from bad bruising and shock.

"We were in heavy, slow-moving traffic on Horgan's Quay at 2.45pm when a car smashed directly into the back of ours, destroying it in seconds."

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