TikToker swears by these hacks that helped her potty train 3 kids in 3 days 2 months ago

TikToker swears by these hacks that helped her potty train 3 kids in 3 days

These helpful potty training tips are genius..

If you've ever potty trained a child, you know it's one of the hardest tasks as a parent because some kids find it really challenging.

Of course, then there's the clean-ups, accidents and frustrations that come with it.

One mom has gone viral on TikTok with her time saving and seemingly very effective potty training hacks.

Hollin Parkinson's trained all three of her kids under two years old in just three days.

Was it magic? Maybe.

She spoke about her potty-training hacks in a series of videos that shares her step-by-step tips. Parents all over the world are thanking her for giving them tools to help dump diapers.

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Hollin says when a child is ready to potty train, they will give you "cues". These are probably be nonverbal and may be signs that they are ready to, you know, go.

She tells parents to watch for the child crying when they go potty in their diaper or taking their diaper off when they sleep.

She also says kids who are curious about the bathroom and who want to be with you whenever you go also may be ready. They could ask lots of questions about it or pretend to change a baby doll's diaper.

She said: "With each of my children, I openly talk about the bathroom with them from the moment they can understand the word mama or dada.

"I'm positively encouraging them like, when you're big enough, you'll go on the potty just like mommy or just like daddy."

The TikToker also tells followers to ditch the diapers.

Kids like choices, and letting them get in on underwear shopping is the perfect way to help them have a bit of control over the situation.

If they pick out their favourite colour or character, they will be more likely to try it.


She also says all diapers and pull-ups must be gone the night before you start training: "You don't want this to be a plan B."

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Hollin's last tip is to give your child plenty of liquids and fibre in their diet.

She says to successfully potty train, a child has to actually use the potty. She also recommends having plenty of rewards available.

If your kid likes suckers or fruit snacks, have some on hand. Stickers, bubbles, and small toys also work.

The mom says if your child has an accident you should stay calm and reassure them that they can tell you when they need to go.

She says this phrase to her children: "Remember to tell mommy when you need to go potty, okay?"

Great advice that's definitely worth a try.

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