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15th Dec 2021

Gino D’Acampo says fussy eaters should go to bed without food

Kat O'Connor

His remarks are going to cause quite a stir.

Gino D’Acampo has expressed some pretty controversial comments about fussy eaters.

The dad said that children who reject their dinner or other meals should be sent to bed without food.

He said parents shouldn’t give into fussy eaters.

The dad told Netmums that he is an extremely strict parent.

He said that he runs quite a strict household and expects his kids to follow a lot of rules.

“I’m a very strict dad, there are a lot of rules in my house. I run a house with rules, probably because I worked in restaurants for many years.”


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Gino admitted that if his daughter Mia doesn’t eat a meal then he will serve it again to teach her a lesson.

“There is no such thing as a fussy child, there is a thing of moron parenting.

“It’s the parents that can’t be bothered to fight, to have an argument at the table, or to see their children go to bed without having any food.”

He continued, “If Mia would be at the table and not eating anything, of course, I say, ‘If you’re not hungry, not eating your ravioli, you can’t eat anything.”

“She will go to bed without food – and tomorrow morning, instead of cornflakes, guess what she is going to find on the table? The same ravioli that was there.”

“You only have to do it once. Of course, they will eat it,” he stressed.