Grace Mongey nearly quit her job as an influencer due to trolling 1 year ago

Grace Mongey nearly quit her job as an influencer due to trolling

"My mental health was at an all-time low."

Influencer Grace Mongey has revealed she wanted to quit due to extreme trolling.

The mum admitted she was struggling to cope with online bullying after it escalated.

The influencer explained that she wanted to just get a normal job because it would make her life easier.

Speaking to RTÉ's The Talk, the Internet star said: "There was a point where I just wanted to throw the towel in, get an office job and give it all up.”

She explained that therapy has helped her cope with online trolling, but before she struggled to deal with it.

Grace explained, "Trolling’ was at an all-time high and my mental health was at an all-time low."

The mum said she was finding it hard with sharing her life online because of the waves of brutal comments.

"I felt judged by people who didn’t even know me let alone know how bad I was feeling.


Grace said it was "a dark time".


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However, things are starting to get better for her.

She has vowed to stay away from certain websites that damaged her mental health.

“I promised myself and my family and friends I would never go onto certain websites again and read horrible things about myself.”

“I asked everyone not to discuss the things that were being said about me online with me and I took it day by day to build myself back up again,” she added.

Just last year, Grace spoke out against trolling.

Cruel trolls accused her of being a bad mother, but Grace refused to let their cruel words get to her.

She said people should try to be cheerleaders and not trolls.

"I’ve stayed quiet for too long about the negativity I receive but it was only in this last week, talking to supportive women that I realised I don’t need to stand for this.

"I know and I don’t need to justify or prove what a f***ing amazing mother I am but what I do need to do is tell you it’s not ok to criticise, judge, or shame mothers."

"Think before you type and try your best to be cheerleaders, not trolls."

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