Grace Mongey responds to people who called her a terrible mother 1 year ago

Grace Mongey responds to people who called her a terrible mother

"I’ve stayed quiet for too long"

The worst thing about social media is how easy it is for trolls to send woeful and cruel messages to people.

When you have a huge following, you're left exposed and can often be targeted by these people.

They'll send the nastiest and lowest messages and people often say it should just be accepted. It's part of social media, but Grace Mongey, better known as Faces by Grace, isn't standing for it anymore.


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The influencer has called out those who have been sending her harmful messages. Grace revealed people have been commenting on her appearance and even called her a "terrible mother".

"Since when did we become so toxic? Over the last week, I’ve had to read horrendous comments about myself, some saying awful things like I’m so depressed, a terrible mother & fat-shaming me."


"If a man was to go on a retreat to invest in his well-being would you shame him? I think not, he’d be told how wonderful & admirable it was and not told he’s a terrible father."

The mum shared, "I’ve stayed quiet for too long about the negativity I receive but it was only in this last week, talking to supportive women that I realised I don’t need to stand for this.

"I know and I don’t need to justify or prove what a f***ing amazing mother I am but what I do need to do is tell you it’s not ok to criticise, judge, or shame mothers."

"Think before you type and try your best to be cheerleaders not trolls," she advised.

We couldn't agree with Grace more. There's enough negativity going around as it is. Kindness doesn't cost you a penny.