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08th Jan 2016

Granny surrogate gives birth to her own grandaughter

Katie Mythen-Lynch

A Texas woman gave birth to a baby girl yesterday, after volunteering to carry the child as a surrogate for her daughter. 

Tracey Thompson (53) stepped in to save the day after her daughter Kelley McKissack (28) and her husband Aaron McKissack (33) struggled to conceive, despite years of fertility treatment.

Doctors at The Medical Centre of Plano released a statement explaining that the couple, who were desperate to start a family, had four fertilised embryos left. Kelly’s mum offered to be a surrogate, despite being seven years past menopause, and the embryos were implanted in her womb in April.

The six-pound, 11-ounce baby girl has been named Kelcey (after her mum Kelly and her very special granny, Tracey).


While it might be out of the ordinary, this is certainly not the first time a mum has volunteered to carry a baby for her daughter. Previous cases in Chicago and Japan have seen women aged up to 61 give birth to their own grandchildren.

While Thompson’s OBGYN, Dr. Joseph Leveno, agreed she had “a great pregnancy”, a complication toward the end led to a C-section.

“It was a beating,” said the proud grandmother. “It really was…It’s been many years since I’ve been pregnant.”

“It is such a blessing that I can do this for my daughter,”

Watch the report on The Dallas Morning News here: