Hailey Bieber says she has PTSD after suffering mini stroke 8 months ago

Hailey Bieber says she has PTSD after suffering mini stroke

"I never want to experience that ever again."

Hailey Bieber has spoken about how she has been coping since suffering a mini-stroke last year.

The model was hospitalised last March after she experienced "stroke-like" symptoms at home.

Explaining the health scare in a YouTube video at the time, Hailey said that she felt a "weird sensation" going up her arm, her fingertips went numb and then she couldn't speak.

"The right side of my face started drooping, I couldn't get a sentence out," she said. "Immediately, I thought I was having a stroke."

Hailey underwent some diagnostic tests which determined that she had a Grade 6 PFO, or a hole in her heart. She then had surgery to close the PFO.

Now, almost a year later, Hailey has said that she has PTSD and worries about having another mini-stroke.


Speaking on The Run-Through with Vogue podcast, the supermodel said: "I struggled with a lot of anxiety after. I struggled with a little bit of PTSD of just, the fear of maybe it was gonna happen again."

She continued: "It was just a feeling that I was, like, I never want to experience that ever again. It was so terrifying, so jarring, so discombobulating in every single way that you could imagine."

Hailey added that she is "just now" starting to heal and process the trauma.

At the time of her mini-stroke, Hailey sent out a message to all those who have experienced the same thing.

"If there's anybody that watches this that has gone through the same thing or something similar, I definitely really empathize with you," she said. "And I understand how life-altering and scary it is."