Hero toddler calls paramedics for collapsed mum after learning how from YouTube 8 months ago

Hero toddler calls paramedics for collapsed mum after learning how from YouTube

Mini hero.

A toddler's call to emergency services in the UK has been released in the hopes of encouraging parents to educate children on what to do in an emergency.

Three-year-old Thomas Boffey dialled 999 after his mother, Kayleigh, collapsed.

In a recording of the call, call handler Morgane Amphlett can be heard asking the boy: "Is your mummy okay? Is your mummy hurt?"

"Mummy's fell upstairs," Thomas replies.

She then strikes up a general conversation with him, asking his name and if he's two or three in order to keep him talking.

"Are you able to walk up the stairs to mummy?" she asks Thomas.

The boy reportedly then used a chair to climb over a stairgate and reach his mum.

"Yes? Can I speak to mummy?" Morgane can be heard asking.


"Yep," Thomas replies.

The faint voice of his mum, who reportedly kept drifting in and out of consciousness, can then be heard. "I've fallen down the stairs," she says.

Morgane tells her help is on the way and asks where she's hurt, to which Kayleigh replies "my back."

Kayleigh, a single mum-of-two, asks who phoned and Morgane tells her her son did. The three-year-old can then be heard asking his mum if she's okay.

"You're a good boy Tommy, you're a good boy," his mum faintly replies.

The call handler then tells the toddler to keep holding his mum's hand until the paramedics arrive to help her.

Kayleigh later tells Morgane how proud she is of Thomas as he does as he was told, staying with her until the paramedics arrive.

According to Coventry Live, the boy then rummaged for the house keys and unlocked the door to let paramedics in.

Kayleigh was taken to hospital where she was treated for knee, ankle, shoulder and hip injuries. She is now recovering at home.

The heroic little one had put into practice the rescue skills he learned from an animated YouTube series his mum made him watch called Robocar Poli.

West Midlands Police released the audio of his 999 call with his mum's permission to show parents how kids can be lifesavers when educated on what to do in an emergency.