Everyone is saying the same thing about Holly Willoughby's latest instagram post 3 years ago

Everyone is saying the same thing about Holly Willoughby's latest instagram post


Yesterday, the lovely Holly Willoughby posted a video to her instagram grid as part of her partnership with Garnier.

The post is a short video showing Holly dying her roots with an at-home Garnier product.

She captioned it:

"Garnier root touch-up, time lapse style! My shade, Nutrisse 10.01. Always do a patch test 48 hours before… and although this seems super speedy I left it on for half an hour for the colour to fully develop… xx"

She also tagged it as an ad, which is important these days in fairness.

However, a lot of people commented on the video, criticising Holly for dying her own hair.

Weird flex, but okay.

One RUDE human wrote: "Does anyone actually believe that the millionaire Holly Willoughby actually dyes her hair at home in the bathroom?"


Another person decided to have a go at the colour of Holly's hair - again, rude.

"Not a great ad as your hair always looks a bit yellow and in desperate need of some low lights to break it up a bit."

"With your money just go to a hairdressers and support a local hairdressers Holly," wrote another.

People need to chill.

Thankfully, there are also sound people out there, who supported Holly in the comment section.

"Shocked by how many women are hating on her... Jealously is not a good look... She's beautiful and this is an ad! Whether you believe she does it herself or not doesn't really matter she's showing how easy it is to do," wrote one loyal fan.

Another aptly said:

"Why do women seem to put their kind down so much when we should all be supportive of one another? Why also, do people follow others instagram accounts when clearly all they set out to do is spew either jealousy or sarcasm?"

"You do do your own hair then you give hope to us all who can't afford a hairdresser. It's giving me the confidence to give it a try. Being a single mum its hard to afford a salon and i never feel right unless my hair is right. Your hair always looks amazing and I hold my hat off to you doing it yourself," said another.

We say fair play to Holly - who is clearly dying her hair in the video FYI.