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24th Jul 2018

The humid weather continues for the rest of the week, for some parts of the country

Jade Hayden

Is there honestly even any point in calling this a heatwave anymore?

It’s just summer. It’s the weather. The humidity is our lives now and we just have to roll with it.

Usually when the words “temperatures in the mid 20s” are uttered we’re absolutely delighted, but if there’s no sun and we’re just stuck in this sticky warmth for another few days, we’d honestly rather not.

Unfortunately for us though, this looks set to happen as Met Eireann has predicted more hot weather for Leinster over the coming days – especially Thursday.

Thursday gon’ be hot AF.

The forecaster has said that tomorrow (Wednesday) will be dry and humid with temperatures over Leinster reaching up to 24 degrees.

Similarly, Thursday will see north Leinster reach the high 20s, meaning that it’s going to be even more humid than it’s been this week.


The rest of the country isn’t looking all that hot though. They’ve got winds coming in, and we’re not jealous at all:

“The western half of the country will be mostly cloudy, with outbreaks of rain extending gradually from the Atlantic during the morning and afternoon, turning heavy in places.

“Temperatures will range 20 to 23 degrees here. Breezy, with moderate to fresh south to southeast winds.”

Breeze. That’s all we want.

On Thursday night, it’s expected to rain in eastern areas leaving fresh conditions for Friday and leading into the weekend.

The forecast for Leinster is still uncertain enough but as long as that humidity lifts even a little bit we’ll be happy.