HSE apologises to high-risk children over vaccine error 1 year ago

HSE apologises to high-risk children over vaccine error

HSE chief Paul Reid apologises to high-risk children over appointment delays.

Numerous vulnerable children experienced delays that "should not have happened".

200 kids were left waiting for appointment dates, despite being told they would be prioritised.

The HSE's Paul Reid said he is sincerely sorry to the families who were affected.

He said, “I am extremely sorry that some of the vulnerable children didn’t get their vaccine at the appropriate time."

“We are sorry that those children didn’t get their appointments in the proper time."

Thankfully, the issue should be resolved by this morning, Reid shared.

Certain centres started to send out appointments to children who weren't high-risk earlier than planned.

10,000 high-risk children signed up for their Covid-19 vaccine in December. The vaccine rollout has given parents of high-risk and vulnerable children a huge sense of relief.


Covid vaccine

The vaccine programme opened to children aged 5 and up on January 3rd.

Overall, 70,000 children have registered for their Covid-19 vaccine in Ireland.

The COVID-19 vaccine should protect your child from getting seriously ill with COVID-19.

The HSE recommends getting the vaccine if your child:

  1. Has a health condition that puts them at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19
  2. Lives with someone who is at a higher risk of COVID-19

Most children infected with the virus will have mild symptoms. However, getting vaccinated is the best way to protect them from severe infection.

They will require two doses of the Pfizer vaccine, three weeks apart.

The vaccine for children is a smaller dose, but the immunity they get will be similar to the higher dose vaccine used in older age groups.

You can register for the vaccine here.