Important safety advice after 2-year-old tragically dies in escalator accident 1 year ago

Important safety advice after 2-year-old tragically dies in escalator accident

The young boy's father lost his grip when his son was on the shopping center escalator.

A 2-year-old boy has tragically died in an escalator accident in Colarado.

It is understood the young boy fell from a two-story escalator in the Town Center shopping center, Aurora on July 25.

The harrowing incident occurred at approximately 4.30 pm.

It is believed the young boy was in his father's arms when he suddenly lunged forward and fell from the escalator. Emergency services were alerted, but it was too late.

Paramedics rushed him to a local hospital, but he sadly passed away on the morning of July 26.

Police stated: "All incidents where a child of this age is seriously injured or killed are thoroughly investigated by our Crimes Against Children (CAC) Unit. The investigation remains open and active. We are asking anyone that may have witnessed this, that has not yet spoken to the police, to please reach out to Metro Denver Crime Stoppers so that we may follow up with them."

The police do believe this harrowing death was an accident.


They believe the tragic passing of the infant will serve as a stark reminder to parents about the dangers of escalators.

Parents have been urged to monitor their children constantly when on an escalator. Ensure they're never playing near or on an escalator because it can be extremely dangerous.

Technical Safety has shared 9 helpful safety tips to ensure your child is as safe as can be when on an escalator.

  1. Stand in the middle and keep your feet away from the edges
  2. Don't place any belongings like teddy bears or bags on the steps of the escalator
  3. Ensure any loose clothing is kept away from the edges
  4. Do not sit on the railings or stairs
  5. Don't run up the escalator or attempt to run up an escalator going in the opposite direction
  6. Hold the handrail if they can reach it. If not the elevator may be a better option
  7. Step off the escalator once it reaches the top
  8. Make sure your shoes are tied and never go on an escalator barefoot
  9. Be wary of open-toe shoes and flip flops because they are at a higher risk of getting caught in the escalator

These precautions will ensure both you and your children are safe on escalators. All escalators have a stop button so be aware of that if you ever witness someone in trouble on one in the future.