Katie Price's daughter Princess opens up about having plastic surgery 2 months ago

Katie Price's daughter Princess opens up about having plastic surgery

"It's your body and your choice"

Katie Price didn't hold back when appearing on the UK's Jeremy Vine Show this morning.

She said she believes the age of consent for cosmetic surgery should be raised to 21 after she had her first operation as a teenager.

The star also revealed how she feels about her daughters following in her footsteps and having work done themselves.

Katie spoke openly on the show even admitting she sometimes "feels ugly" and regrets going under the knife for the first time at the age of 18.

She said: "When we were in the makeup room, I looked in the mirror and thought 'I am so ugly'.

"I now look in the mirror and think 'Ahhh no more on the face' because you get that surgery look and I've got that!!

"It's a fact I've had more boob jobs than I've slept with men. There's not many women at my age who can say they haven't had that many men."


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She explained why she thinks 21 should be the minimum age for plastic surgery and said: "I started my career when they had no airbrushing and it wasn't how it is now."

As the hosts grilled the mum-of-five about her life choices, she admitted she fears for young girls having filler in their face. She especially fears for her near 16-year-old daughter Princess.

She shares Princess with ex-husband Peter Andre.

Katie shared how Princess is on the road to becoming a successful model and as soon as she turns 16, she will be out working in the industry. She explains that it's what the teenagers wants to do.

The proud mum even let it slip that her daughter has recently signed a deal with global fashion brand, Pretty Little Thing.

She said: "She is set on it. As soon as she turns 16, she's gone."

Princess says...


Princess has admitted she doesn't want to have surgery any time soon unlike her famous mum.

Appearing on a recent episode of Katie Price's Mucky Mansion, Princess said when asked by her mum if she would have her lips done: "I want to say no, like you know how much surgery you've had.

"Can your body actually move? Because you stretch so much skin"

Katie replied: "More surgery to come! Put it this way, when I'm 90 I'll probably be transparent. You'll see all my veins."

The teenager concluded and said: "It's your body and your choice, I don't have a problem with plastic surgery.

"But, I think some people are so naturally pretty that they don't actually need it. You were naturally pretty."

So it seems while Katie Price will continue on her plastic surgery journey, her up and coming model daughter will remain o naturelle.

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