"I wouldn't be here today": Katie Price reveals she tried to take her own life 6 months ago

"I wouldn't be here today": Katie Price reveals she tried to take her own life

"The kids saved me"

Katie Price has spoken out about her mental health struggles.

The former model said she wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for her children.

Prince revealed in a recent interview with RadioTimes that she was suicidal.

She revealed, "I tried to kill myself before I ended up in the Priory."

"The only reason I didn’t was because of my children. So, if my kids weren’t here, I wouldn’t be here today. Fact."

She added, "The kids saved me."

The mum explained that recent stresses in her life started to become too much.

She said being chased by the paparazzi has had a detrimental impact on her mentally.


Price previously told BBC's Stephen Nolan about her suicide attempt.

She explained that she wanted to end her own life because "everything was on top of me".

She told Nolan: "I planned it. I did everything. Everything was on top of me, it was a build-up with the media, relationships and then I was held up at gunpoint in South Africa with my kids.

"We thought we were going to die.

"I’m only human, I’m strong but there’s only so much you can take and I could have either committed suicide or get help."

The reality star is a mum to five children- 19-year-old Harvey, 16-year-old Junior, 14-year-old Princess, 8-year-old Jett, and 7-year-old Bunny.

She recently revealed her plans to have another child.

Price explained that she will be taking the IVF route this time around.

Speaking to Lorraine, she explained: "I’ve learned that each cycle you have, you lose eggs each time. I didn’t know that."

"And obviously I’m 44 this year, and I haven’t got as many eggs as I wanted. So, we’re having to do IVF."