Kerry Katona reveals her mum gave her speed aged 14 5 years ago

Kerry Katona reveals her mum gave her speed aged 14

Kerry Katona's addiction issues started at the age of 14 when she was introduced to drugs by her mum, Sue, she has revealed.

Kerry claimed that she was given speed by her mum as a teenager while she was living in foster care.

"I’m very proud of my mum and who she is today but my addition started back when I was 14," the singer said yesterday.

"I was in a foster home and I was only allowed to see my mum via supervised visits."

She said that while on a visit, she found her mum in a pub toilet taking the drug.

"I walked into the toilet, I was 14, and she had this bag of white powder. "I said, 'Mum, what’s that?' She said, 'It’s sherbet'."

Her mum then gave her some to try.

"I went home to my foster parents and I must have been awake for 24 hours. It was speed,’ she continued.

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"For me, that was normality. Every weekend we’d go out - and this is not me blaming my mum. My mum did not know any different. Nor did I and, as I got older and older, it went from doing speed and then I met a boy and he introduced me to cocaine, I must have been about 15, 16.

"I was a really, really good kid but when I became an adult it just kind of went downhill from there, really."

She also revealed that until she got therapy years later, she thought everyone did drugs and that those who didn't were 'snobs'.

"They’d go: 'No, Kerry, that isn’t normal behaviour. Not everybody does cocaine, not everybody does ecstasy, not everyone takes speed.'"

Kerry was speaking at the The Hygrove, a new high-end addiction treatment centre in Gloucester.