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27th Feb 2019

Kristen Bell has hit out at critics for calling her new baby line “hypocritical”

Rebecca O'Keeffe

kristen bell

Good on her.

Kristen Bell, best known for voicing Anna in Disney film Frozen, has this just launched her own line of affordable vegan baby products.

The actress and her husband Dax Shepard have two daughters, five-year-old Lincoln and four-year-old Delta.

The couple noticed a gap in the market for eco-conscious nappies, wipes, bath products and detergents and so developed what they describe as “premium baby products at non-premium prices.”

Their range, called Hello Bello, certainly lives up to that promise – their stuff retails at around a third of the price of comparable plant-based baby items.

However, Kristen has come under fire for her choice of baby model.

Instagram users have been calling Kristen hypocritical for “exploiting” a child in a marketing campaign when she won’t use pictures of her own children online.


Anyway, Kristen has clapped back at critics, saying:

“Well, there’s a big difference,” Bell wrote.

kristen bell

“If we expose our kids faces, there is a real threat of them getting stalked or of a stranger coming up to them and knowing their name.”

“It’s a safety thing. I don’t fault other parents for showing their kids when they don’t … have the same safety concerns. And Jordan is not the little girl’s real name, FYI.”

You tell em, girl.