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21st May 2016

‘Angel’ Who Saved Toddler From The River Lee In Cork Is A Mum Of 13!

Sharyn Hayden

Alan Watters is dad to Caleb – the three-year-old boy who was rescued from the River Lee in Cork yesterday.

Caleb was walking with the family Au Pair, Anna, who was also pushing Caleb’s younger sister Lucia (18 months) in a buggy by the banks of the River Lee.

The unthinkable happened when Caleb broke free and ran to the water’s edge.

In a split second, he fell over the edge at Brian Boru bridge and into the water below.

Anna screamed for a passer-by to hold the baby in the buggy so that she could jump in and save him.

But before she even had a chance, a true hero in the form of mum of 13, Maria Foley was already in the water.

Maria calmed Caleb and kept his head above water until rescue services arrived.

Dad Alan got in touch with us today to pay tribute to Maria who he describes as an ‘Angel’;

“My name is Alan Watters and the little boy that was saved by this Angel is my son. Please help us recognise and support her unfathomable bravery by sharing the following link. I have learned that she has children of her own and despite her own wellbeing she jumped in after Caleb and she saved my little boys life. There are no words for the gratitude I feel, God Bless her and God bless the Emergency services. Please support us in this campaign.”

The campaign that Alan is referring to is a Go Fund Me campaign that he and his wife Adriana have set up in the hope that they can thank Maria by sending her and her family on holiday.

Alan says that Caleb is doing very well today and they are hoping he will be released from hospital this afternoon.

“We are so lucky”, he says.

We are really relieved that luck – and the amazing Maria – was on this family’s side yesterday.

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