Las Vegas is now allowing residents to pay parking fines with school supplies 2 years ago

Las Vegas is now allowing residents to pay parking fines with school supplies

A brilliant idea.

Parking tickets are a real pain and as we all say when we get them 'sure who is the money going to anyway?'

Las Vegas has created a new system whereby people who have outstanding parking fines can donate to a children's charity instead of paying the fine.

Yes, Las Vegas City Council are planning to run a month-long programme allowing Vegas residents to donate school supplies instead of giving money to the council.

The average parking ticket in Las Vegas will run people around $50 so not only will the new system help to make sure that children have the school supplies they need it will allow people to see exactly where their money is going.

All supplies received by the city through the program will be donated to the Teachers Exchange, a nonprofit associated with the Public Education Foundation.

I think this is an absolutely great idea and one I wouldn't mind seeing put into place in Ireland.


A lot of teachers spend their own money on school supplies for their classroom as school budgets often don't stretch far enough so these donations will go along way in making sure that children in the Nevada city are getting the best education possible.

This isn't only a problem in the States as I've known Irish teachers who have had to foot the bill for classroom supplies themselves.

That's why I think something like this would go a long way in Ireland.

It's also a great way to make sure no child is without the school essentials like pens, pencils and notebooks that they need, saving them from feeling left out or embarrassed.

All children have the right to a good education and I think this new plan is a great step in the right direction for Las Vegas.