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07th May 2015

Latest Cadbury collaboration is the stuff of nightmares

Sophie White

Cadbury Australia have announced a limited addition vegemite chocolate bar available from the 1st June. It’s a chocolate bar that presumably we’ll either love or hate.

The Cadbury Twitter feed made the announcement through a video that declared, “Yes. It’s real. Yes. The rumours were true. Yes. It’s available on June 1st (although you may see it sooner). Yes. It’s surprisingly delicious.”

Vegemite is one of the most popular antipodean delicacies which has steadily gained huge following abroad with the rise in emigration to the Southern Hemisphere. Vegemite is also a divisive product. Many people profess to “loathe” it while others claim that they “prefer” marmite (which, as we all know, is essentially the same thing only with a more Bovril-like consistency).

The dark food-like substance has been around since 1922 and is made from leftover brewers’ yeast which is then flavoured with various vegetables and spices. It seems fitting that a product like Vegemite was produced in the aftermath of wartime, in a post rationing era when a product’s main selling point was its enduring shelf-life.

To my mind vegemite’s flavour is kind of hard to define exactly. It is super savoury a bit like a meaty stew. It is not uncommon to add chocolate to stews at the seasoning stage to add richness and flavour to a dish.
Perhaps the new bar will appeal to fans of sweet and savoury combos like cheese and honey and salt and chocolate or perhaps it will only appeal to diehard vegemite fanatics. Time will tell though this guy looks sceptical…