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13th Oct 2023

Laura Anderson called out for bringing her baby on plane – but is she wrong?

Kat O'Connor

Laura Anderson took her one-month-old on a flight and was slated for the decision.

Laura Anderson has defended her decision to bring her one-month-old baby on a plane. The former Love Island star was called out after sharing photos of her and her daughter on a recent flight.

Her followers slated her for taking such a young baby on the journey.

One said: “Was it really necessary to take such a young baby on a flight? Their ears must have been hurting like mad.”

Laura was quick to respond to the trolls and stressed that letting her baby get used to travelling is important to her.

She wrote: “You feed during take-off and landing so they swallow, she didn’t even flinch. In my opinion, it’s better for them to get used to travelling at a younger age.”

Medical experts confirmed that travelling with a baby is safe.

According to the Mayo Clinic, most healthy, full-term infants are safe to travel on planes.

However, all parents should consider their child’s age and their health before flying.

“Your baby’s healthcare provider likely will discourage unnecessary air travel shortly after birth.”

Some medical experts have advised against travelling with your baby as it can expose them to multiple diseases.

“Flying can increase baby’s exposure to infectious diseases, so it’s best to wait until they’re at least 6 months old, and have received some of their initial immunisations, the AAP confirmed.

Have you ever travelled with your infant? What age was your child when you first travelled on a plane?