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13th Oct 2023

Georgie Crawford reveals she ‘can’t wait’ to return home with her baby girl

Kat O'Connor

Georgie Crawford said she can’t wait to get back to Ireland.

Georgie Crawford has opened up about feeling homesick following the birth of her baby girl. Her daughter was born in Georgia via surrogacy, but the family isn’t ready to return home just yet.

Georgie explained that she has a lot of paperwork to fill in before they’re allowed to return home with baby Tahlie. She also needs to get an emergency passport for her little girl, which will take some time.

Speaking on her Instagram story, the mum-of-two said she is missing Ireland a lot.

She told her followers that she is dying to get back.

“The paperwork is going really well. We’ve completed the DNA test,” Georgie revealed.

She then explained: “Loads of people were asking us why we can’t bring Tahlie home just yet, so basically there’s lots of paperwork to prove she’s Irish.

“We have to get an emergency passport for her so that’s what we’re waiting for.

“I really miss my family, and my house, I’m just dying to go home. I’m really homesick today so we’re just going to mind ourselves.”


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There are tough days, but Georgie said she also has days when she feels like she could stay in Georgia forever.

The mum welcomed her beautiful daughter into the world at the end of September.

Her little one, who is her second child, was born via surrogacy.

Georgie said: “To hold our surrogate mother’s hand with Tahlie between us & knowing we will be forever connected has changed me forever.

“She has given us the greatest gift of our lives,” the mum gushed.

We couldn’t be happier for Georgie and cannot wait for her to bring Tahlie home.