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27th Jul 2022

Lauren Goodger reveals she still has a bit of a bump after losing her daughter

Kat O'Connor

“My body feels very unsettled”

Losing a baby is something one can never get over. It’s a heartache that will stay with you forever. One person who understands that heartache is Lauren Goodger, who recently lost her baby girl shortly after she was born. The mum has been speaking out about the tragic death of her newborn daughter Lorena.

Earlier this month, Lauren announced the harrowing news that her daughter Lorena had died. She is understandably devastated by the loss but has been bravely speaking out about losing her baby girl.

In a recent interview with OK! Lauren revealed that it still feels like her baby girl is with her.

She told the publication that she still has a bit of a bump.

“I’ve still got a bit of a bump – this one’s not shifting. It sometimes feels like she’s still there, it’s weird. My body feels very unsettled, it’s like it’s missing a newborn.”

“When I get into bed in the evening, I just want Lorena there next to me,” she said.

Lauren said she is staying strong for her daughter Larose, but things get harder for her at nighttime.

“I feel like I can keep strong in the day for Larose, but at night, that’s when it just hits me. That’s when I feel really, really sad and I miss her so much.”

Lauren’s daughter passed away after her umbilical cord was wrapped around her with two knots in it.

The mum has requested an autopsy.

Lauren said she needs to understand what happened medically “for my own sanity”.

Anyone affected by this story can reach out to Anam Cara on 01 4045378.