Leaving Cert 2022 to have more choice and less questions due to pandemic disruption 1 year ago

Leaving Cert 2022 to have more choice and less questions due to pandemic disruption

Students now have some clarity.

This year's Leaving Certificate will feature more choice and fewer questions to account for the disruption to the learning experience of students throughout the pandemic.

After school closures, remote and pod learning, reduced classroom capacities, higher levels of absenteeism, and the cancellation and reworking of State Exams since March 2020, students, parents and teachers have all been seeking clarity on how the Leaving Cert 2022 will be structured.

The State Examinations Commission (SEC) now confirmed that while the pandemic's previous hybrid model of the Leaving Cert has been ruled out, adjustments have been made to written exams to take into account the “disruption to teaching and learning experienced by the Leaving Certificate class of 2022”.

“The adjustments will provide the fairest pathway to successfully completing their post-primary education and enabling them to progress to further and higher education and training, apprenticeships, and the world of work,” it said.

Changes to the usual exams reflect those that were made last year. Though the traditional structure and layout of papers – as well as the time allotted to complete them in – will remain the same, the number of questions within them will be reduced.


“While this will have the effect of also reducing the time needed to complete the examination, the duration of each examination will remain unchanged, thus substantively relieving time pressures,” the SEC added.

“The relief of time pressure will allow for more time to read and consider the questions carefully, and will thereby help them to make best use of the additional levels of choice available.”

Adjustments have been made for written exams only, with practical coursework, orals, aurals/listening components and practical performances remaining the same.

Timetables for this year's Leaving Cert, which will commence on June 8, were also published on Tuesday evening.

For more information on exam adjustments and timetables, see gov.ie and examinations.ie.