Mum who lost her four sons in London house fire speaks out 1 year ago

Mum who lost her four sons in London house fire speaks out

"I'll never get over it"

A mum-of-four who lost her sons in a London house fire has spoken out.

The grief-stricken mum said her life will never be the same.

Speaking to The Times, Deveca Rose said her sons were her world.

The four boys died after an "intense" house fire in Sutton, London. It is understood that they were alone in the house when the blaze broke out.

Despite firefighters' best efforts, the four boys, aged 3 and 4, were pronounced dead in hospital.

Deveca Rose remembered her children in a harrowing tribute, "Bryson, Kyson, Logan and Leyton were my boys, they were my babies, they were my life, they were my world."

She said the twins were "my heart, my soul."

"They were everything. Everything feels so surreal. I can't function," she admitted.


The mum said she will never come to terms with their deaths.

“I can't get over it, I'll never get over it. They lit up everybody's world and I will always be sorry that they went so soon.

"They had so much planned and now they're gone," she said.

She continued, "I wake up and I look at their Christmas tree and I look at their clothes, their Liverpool [football] kit, their Cocomelon dressing gowns, their drawings.”

The children's father Dalton Hoath thanked emergency services for doing everything they could to save his boys.

“We would like to thank all the emergency services who did so much to try and save our boys, and also the local community who have come together at this difficult time,” he said.

A 27-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of child neglect last week.

Metropolitan Police London confirmed she was released on bail until mid-January.

South Area Command Unit is carrying out an extensive investigation.

The cause of the December 16th fire is unknown.