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02nd Feb 2023

Looks like Maura Higgins knew Molly-Mae’s baby name this whole time

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Who guessed it?

It looks like Molly-Mae Hague’s baby name wasn’t as big of a secret as we once thought.

It’s easy to look back now when we know and say how obvious it was, but it seems that the name Bambi was hinted to us more than we caught on.

Maura Higgins appears to have known the baby name for a while, even dropping a massive clue on Instagram a few months back.

Molly-Mae had previously said that her daughter’s name is after her favourite storybook character growing up but her Love Island co-star seemed to make it blatantly clear.

Gifting her bestie a mug for her 22nd birthday, Molly-Mae shared it to her Instagram stories and yes, you guessed it – it was a Bambi mug.

While Molly wasn’t pregnant at the time, she has spoken about how the name has been picked for many years.

She wrote on the post: “Only the real ones know why this is special. Love you @MauraHiggins.”

But this isn’t the only clue. Last summer before she announced her pregnancy, Molly-Mae posted a snap of herself wearing a t-shirt with a deer on it.

There has also been speculation that the reality star wore a brown dress to her baby shower as a tribute to her baby daughter.

The influencer announced the birth of her baby girl this evening, a week after her daughter was born. The new mum confirmed the news by posting a photo of her and her partner Tommy Fury cuddling their newborn daughter.

Molly Mae revealed her daughter was born on January 23rd.

The new mum also shared a photo of her and her baby girl, whose name has not yet been revealed, on her Instagram story.

Alongside the adorable photo, Molly Mae said that becoming a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to her.

She wrote: “One week old today.

“I can’t believe we get to keep you forever. Becoming your mum has been the best thing to ever happen to me…”

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