Penneys is now stocking a Dior saddle bag dupe for just €10 4 years ago

Penneys is now stocking a Dior saddle bag dupe for just €10

If you were gawking over the street style from any fashion week this year, I'm sure you've seen plenty saddle bags.

A vintage shape bag brought back into fashion by Dior and taking over the "arm-hook crook" of every fashionista and celeb.

It has also exploded all over Instagram and we for one are seriously in favour of this vintage bag trend which involves bringing back old styles and mini editions.


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But sadly, forking out €2,600 for the regular sized Dior Calfskin saddle bag is just not something we, or our bank accounts can justify doing and so, a dupe it is.

Now, it may not be as identical as previous dupes we've done before but look, it's certainly a nod to the trend and for €10, we're sold.


The dupe, which is part of Penneys' new high season '19 collection features the same curved shape and black on black detail which we just love.

And speaking of vintage styles, Penneys is also dropping this number in store, a bag that reminds us of 90s DKNY, we again, adore this one and it's old school style.

Again, just €10.

These bags would certainly be ideal for a holiday and hey, since it's set to be 17 degrees today, all we're thinking about is a holiday.