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24th Mar 2018

A man gave €120 to Leisureland during the week for the sweetest reason ever

This is too sweet!

Denise Curtin

This is melting our hearts.

During the week, Leisureland in Salthill, Galway received a random, yet extremely kind gift from a stranger. A man, who has remained anonymous, posted €120 to Leisureland and asked the swimming and activity complex to leave the first 22 children in that day for free with the money.

His only request was that Leisureland provided each child with this accompanying note: “Your entry today has been paid for by a random act of kindness. I have no connection with Leisureland other than a visit to Ireland a few years ago which has the friendliest people in the world. Hope you enjoy your swin and share the love.”

Leisureland posted the image of the man’s generosity on Facebook.

Many also commented on the gesture saying:

Wow so nice hopefully the act will be carried forward.”

While another wrote:

“Generosity at its best, wonderful people.”

This has honestly made us emotional, how sweet.