Meghan Markle goes "out of her way" to support families of Texas school shooting victims 1 month ago

Meghan Markle goes "out of her way" to support families of Texas school shooting victims

The mum has been supporting victims' families since the May shooting.

Meghan Markle has been praised for supporting families after the Texas school shooting.

The mum-of-two reportedly called Irma Garcia's family to check in on them.

Irma was brutally killed in the shooting when she tried to protect her students from gunfire.

After Irma's tragic death, her husband Joe died from a heart attack. Many believe his heart couldn't handle the grief.

Joe Garcia was married to teacher Irma for 24 years but they were set to mark 25 years of marriage this year.

Meghan Markle has been supporting the family since the tragic loss of both parents.

According to Irma's nephew, the former actress has been calling them to make sure they have enough support.

John Martinez praised Meghan on Twitter after she recently called his mother.


"The way my mom just got off the phone with Meghan Markle…the Duchess, she’s so sweet and lovely."

"She really went out of her way to check on the family, it means so much," he added.

Meghan has also been supporting the victims by donating blood, as well as food.

Shortly after the tragic shooting, the mum was seen paying tribute at a memorial.

Meghan made the visit in the personal capacity as a mother.

A spokesperson for the Suits star said: "Following the devastating Texas school massacre which saw 21 lives stolen, Duchess Meghan has made a personal visit to Robb Elementary in Uvalde."

The mum took the trip to offer her condolences to the families and victims.

Locals praised Meghan for her ongoing support.

"She's been comforting parents that lost their children. Meghan has been trying to do what she can to volunteer to help feed families, first responders, and volunteers."

21 people lost their lives in the devastating shooting on May 24th.