Stock up on suncream - Met Éireann says heat wave is here to stay as charity warns of sunburn 3 months ago

Stock up on suncream - Met Éireann says heat wave is here to stay as charity warns of sunburn

The sun is here to stay.

Get the paddling pool filled, have the suncream on hand and ice pops in the freezer, this bank holiday weekend is set to be a scorcher.

Met Éireann has forecasted that the current mini heatwave we've been blessed with is here to stay for the bank holiday, with temperatures set to soar – and one charity has warned of the dangers of sunburn.

Tuesday saw the highest temperatures of between 18 and 24 degrees in some parts of the country, with dry weather and sunshine all around.

As the week continues, we should prepare ourselves and our little ones to brace for even more sun as tomorrow will be no different.

These sunny spells and dry conditions are set to remain for the weekend as high pressure remains positioned close to Ireland.

Thursday will see the highest temperatures range between 19 and 24 degrees, and it will be cooler in coastal areas.

Friday is again set to be a dry and warm day (seeing a trend here?) but this time, there will be some clouds with temperatures of 18 to 24 degrees once again.


With little change expected for the bank holiday, the high pressure positioned near Ireland will bring with it very settled weather.

As the weather continues to thrive, a charity has issued a warning to parents after there were more cases of sunburn reported in April than any other month so far this year.

With the climate getting warmer and the summer set to be the hottest on record, Melanoma Fund UK is urging the public to be aware of sun safety and skin cancer.

They are aiming to raise awareness of how the spring sun can be just as damaging as the heat in summer, even if the weather makes it seem otherwise.

Studies have proven that sunburn in childhood can double the risk of melanoma and the charity urges parents to ensure their child is protected if they are playing outdoors.

They wrote on Instagram: "We're on a mission to get sun protection taken seriously by all those who love sports and outdoor recreation and work with hundreds of sports and outdoor organisations with our 4 awareness campaigns.

"As part of this, we've teamed up with Which UK to raise awareness of how a spring sunburn in the UK can catch us all unaware! The message is, NEVER just take the weather as an indication of how strong UV rays are! If the UV Index is 3 or over, it's time for sun protection."


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