According to Met Eireann, we're in for a 'wet and wintry' weekend ahead 7 months ago

According to Met Eireann, we're in for a 'wet and wintry' weekend ahead


The weekend is basically here, and we're only delighted.

However, given the time of year, we really have to be mindful of the weather when making plans.

And this weekend isn't really set to be stunning...

According to Met Eireann, we're in for a 'wet and wintry' weekend ahead.

The forecast reads:

"A wet and windy Friday morning over the northern half of the country. Cloudy elsewhere, with rain and drizzle slowly edging its way southwards, reaching all areas by afternoon. The rain will be heaviest and most persistent in the west, lighter and patchier in nature further east, with some drier weather at times here. Highs of 9 to 11 degrees, in strong and gusty southwesterly winds, with gales on coasts."

"Patchy rain and drizzle on Friday night, clearing from the northwest to scattered blustery showers. Lows of 2 to 5 degrees in the north, 6 to 8 degrees in the south. Continuing rather windy with gales on western and northern coasts."

Met Eireann

"Blustery on Saturday and mostly cloudy with widespread showers. The showers most frequent in the north and west where some will be wintry over high ground. Fresh to strong westerly winds with gales on northwestern and northern coasts. Highs of 6 to 8 degrees in the north, 9 to 11 in the south. Rain over much of the country for a time on Saturday night, with showers and clear spells over Ulster. Minimum temperatures of 1 to 3 degrees in Ulster, 3 to 6 degrees elsewhere."

"Mainly dry with sunny spells to start on Sunday, with passing showers in the north. Cloud will increase from the west during the day with rain arriving in the west before dark. Highs of 6 to 8 degrees in the north, 9 to 11 degrees in the south. Westerly winds will be noticeably lighter on Sunday than in previous days. Light and patchy rain and drizzle will spread to all areas through Sunday evening and early night with a band of heavier rain spreading from the west later in the night and southwesterly winds increasing with gales returning."

"Wet and windy to start on Monday, with rain clearing to showers and sunny spells through the day. Becoming noticeably cooler as the rain the clears and winds veer westerly. Tuesday and Wednesday will be cool with strong westerly winds and widespread showers. The showers will be most frequent in the west and will turn increasingly wintry. Daytime temperatures of just 5 to 7 degrees, with widespread frosts by night."