Missing autistic toddler found safe after family dogs keep him safe from harm 2 years ago

Missing autistic toddler found safe after family dogs keep him safe from harm

So heartwarming.

There's nothing as terrifying as a parent as turning around and discovering that your child has gone missing.

A couple of times, especially at places like the beach or shopping centre I've lost sight of my child for a split second and almost put myself in cardiac arrest.

One family from Ponce De Leon, Florida, had their worst nightmare come to life when their autistic toddler, Marshall, vanished from their home wearing only a nappy.

The family were particularly concerned as the three-year-old can not speak and would have a hard time communicating with anyone who might find him.

Luckily for the family, Marshall wandered away from home with the family dogs, who kept the toddler safe from harm until police found them both.


According to Bored Panda the family's neighbour Carol Shelton saw the boy later that afternoon about a mile away from his home and reported it to police who found Marshall only hours after he went missing.

Many locals from the area shared their relief and delight that Marshall was found safe and commended the family dogs Nala and Buckwheat for protecting him;

"So happy to hear he was found safe! So awesome the dog was found with him too! He was protecting him the whole time. Dogs are such loving animals!"

"Thank goodness he was found and to have a good boy beside him that would not leave his side."

"Pups deserve an Outstanding K9 award."

It's always brilliant news when you hear that a child who went missing has been found but the fact that his dogs kept him safe the whole time just makes this story extremely heartwarming.