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05th Dec 2022

Fans are concerned about Molly Mae Hague after resurfaced interview

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The mom-to-be’s fans are worried.

Molly Mae Hague fans are feeling really sorry for the influencer after a clip from one of her previous interviews resurfaced.

In the now viral clip, the former Love Island star said she thinks that her boyfriend Tommy Fury “sometimes forgets” she is pregnant on their first child as he is away so much” for work.

When the 23-year-old was asked what it was like for her to be pregnant while Tommy is away boxing, she replied: “Yeah obviously. I work all the time, and he’s away working, so it’s just constant. Like, we’re never together.”

Claiming that the two are apart so much that they “literally communicate by FaceTime at this point,” she was then asked if Tommy ever talks to the baby, to which she replied: “No. He’s not really, I think because he’s been away so much, I feel like sometimes he forgets.

“I’m like, ‘you do understand that I’m two months away from, like we’re going to have a child’. Yeah, sometimes he has to be reminded a little bit because he’s just away in camp land.”

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Fans are now sharing their reactions to the clip, with many of them feeling really sorry for what Molly is going through.

One person tweeted: “I feel so sorry for molly mae spending her pregnancy alone even though Tommy can easily afford to put his career on hold. that can’t be easy.”

Another wrote: “that molly mae interview is pretty sad, that’s a cry for help right there.”

A third said: “Tommy needs to realise Molly Mae is making enough money for the both of them that he can stay home and give his boxing hobby a rest.”

While a fourth noted: “yeah I can definitely see molly mae leaving tommy if he doesn’t fix up because what do you mean she’s two months away from giving birth and he’s never around and communicates with her via facetime.”