Concerns after 4 more people test positive for monkeypox 1 year ago

Concerns after 4 more people test positive for monkeypox

4 more cases of monkeypox have been diagnosed in the UK.

The cases were diagnosed between May 6th and 15th.

Two previous cases were confirmed on May 7th and May 14th, but it is not believed these cases are connected.

Three of the cases were discovered in London and one in the North East of England.

There are currently 7 positive cases in the UK.

The original case was found in a person who had just traveled back from Nigeria. Experts believe this is where they contracted the virus.

It then spread to six other people.

Two of the other patients are housemates but have no connection to the original case.

Four other patients identify as gay, bisexual, or other men who have sex with men, the UK's Health Security Agency confirmed.


All infected patients have the West African strain of the virus, which is believed to be mild.

The UKHSA said it is "rare and unusual".

They are rapidly investigating the source of the infection "because the evidence suggests that there may be the transmission of the monkeypox virus in the community, spread by close contact".

The UKHSA is also urging men who are gay and bisexual to be aware of the symptoms of monkeypox.

The first symptoms include fever, headache, and muscle pains. People may also experience swollen lymph nodes and tiredness. This is then followed by a rash. The rash forms white blisters which eventually crust over. Symptoms can last from 2 to 4 weeks.

Doctors confirm cases by testing the lesions for the virus's DNA.

Monkeypox is typically spread through animal bites or through direct contact with an infected animal's bodily fluids.

But it can also be spread by close contact with humans who are already infected.

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