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08th Jul 2021

Mother badly beaten by her own son in eight-hour ordeal

The ordeal lasted 8 hours.

One mum has opened up about the horrifying day her only son brutally attacked her.

44-year-old Helen Smith revealed she was taken prisoner by her 23-year-old son Sean Wilson last March.

She admitted that she “thought she was going to die” during the brutal attack. Her son strangled, slapped, and punched his mother for 8 hours.

Helen is sharing her story in a bid to raise awareness about domestic violence. She hopes people who have experienced similar traumas will feel less alone when they hear her story.

She told The Sun, “People think domestic violence only occurs in relationships and marriages. But it can happen at the hands of your children too. I loved my son and never thought he’d hurt me like this. I’ll never forgive him.”

She shared that he trapped her in the kitchen for hours last year and brutally attacked her.

“I thought I was going to die. He filmed it all on his phone too,” she revealed.

He locked the doors, unplugged the landline, and even hid her phone in the garden so she couldn’t call for help. The mum eventually escaped and called the police.

“I had black eyes and my body was bruised all over. I was in agony. But what hurt more was that my own son had done this to me.”

She revealed that her son was problematic as a child and would often have extreme tantrums when he was only a toddler.

less time in jail

“I kept telling myself he’d grow out of it. But as he grew older, he was constantly angry. Sean would bite me, spit at me and throw things at me. It got so bad that when he was three, I sent him to anger management classes. It was horrendous and I really struggled,” she added.

Sean was sentenced to 8 years in prison after the violent attack.

He was previously sentenced to 4 years in prison after he attacked and stabbed his mum in 2017. He served two years before being released on probation.